• Mission Statement

     To educate every student, every day.

    The Hamilton Central School provides a wide range of traditional and innovative learning opportunities in a safe, caring, and challenging environment for all students.
    In preparing students to develop their fullest potential for living in the society of today and tomorrow, the Board of Education and the staff of the Hamilton Central School District will:
    • Recognize their responsibility to help meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of children, in particular the needs to inquire, learn, think, and create; to establish aesthetic, moral and ethical values; and to relate satisfactorily to others in social situations involving family, work, government and recreation.
    • Accept primary responsibility for directing students towards mastery of the skills of learning, thinking and problem-solving; for teaching them to use the various media of self-expression; for instilling in them a knowledge of the social and natural sciences; for acquainting them with the richness of our heritage, and for stimulating them to productive work in the various areas of human behavior.
    • Acknowledge the importance of their supplemental role to the home and other social agencies in developing habits and attitudes which make for effective personal living, the maintenance of optimum physical and mental health, and the establishment of sound moral, ethical, and aesthetic values.
    In an effort to achieve these ends, the Board of Education adopts School Board Policies that establish the general objectives of the District and define the limits within which freedom of judgment may be exercised by individuals employed by the District. 
Last Modified on May 4, 2022