• What is Schoology?

    Schoology is a Learning Management System based on a social networking platform.  It is a tool that can extend classroom learning into a virtual space. 
    How does Schoology benefit students at HCS?  
    All HCS students in grades 6-12 have Schoology accounts.
    • Teachers can post assignments, grades, online quizzes, class updates and more.
    • Students can access assignments & grades, they can can submit HW electronically and participate in online class discussions in a secure environment.
    • Students can save artifacts of their work in the Schoology Portfolio section, making it a quick and easy way to share portfolios with teachers or colleges. 
    How can Hamilton Parents utilize this platform?
    • Parents can also create Schoology accounts to see their child(ren)'s assignments, grades and class updates. 
      • Simply go to www.schoology.com and create an account with your personal email and your child(ren)'s 
      • To receive access to your child(ren)s Schoology account, please fill out parent access form HERE.
Last Modified on March 14, 2017