•  SchoolTool Parent Portal

    In an effort to increase communication within our school community, HCS is offering our parents the opportunity to access their student’s information securely online. Our Student Management System, SchoolTool, has a module called the “Parent Portal”, which allows parents to create an account, log in to SchoolTool via any web browser, to view and/or print the following information: Parent Contact Information, Student Schedules, Daily Attendance, Five Week Progress Reports, Marking Period Grades, Final Course Grades & Medical Alerts*.
    Not only will your SchoolTool Parent Portal account provide you with up-to-date and historical student information (previous years grades, attendance, Regents test scores and more), every account created will help us use less paper, reduce mailing and personnel costs (printing, addressing, stamping, stuffing envelopes etc..., can be very time consuming).

    A Parent Portal account will be created for you upon enrollment. If you cannot access your account please contact the Director of Technology at crogers@hamiltoncentral.org.

    If you already have a Parent Portal account for your secondary student, your elementary student will show up automatically so there is no need to create an account.

    We will only be providing this information online through the Parent Portal, if you do not have Internet access please contact us in writing or stop by the HS Counseling Office and we will make sure you continue to receive this information through traditional mailings.

Last Modified on August 7, 2021