• School Closing and Delay Information

    In case of an emergency closing due to inclement weather,  we will broadcast an automated phone call to our school community.  We will also still contact all LOCAL radio/television stations.

    In response to impassable roads, lack of visibility, etc. school may be closed, delayed in opening, or dismissed early.

    On those mornings when roads may be impassable due to ice or snow accumulation, we may opt to delay opening for 1 – 2 hours to allow the snowplows to clear the roads. In cases where those conditions may continue throughout the day, we would close school, which is announced on area radio and TV stations around 6:00 a.m. We try to avoid early dismissal unless absolutely necessary. Maintaining the usual dismissal time allows the snowplows to clear the roads and avoids last-minute arrangements by working parents for supervision at home. While it is not our intention to dismiss early, there may be occasion when it is necessary. Consequently parents should have prior arrangements in place to ensure proper supervision of their children, if needed.

    We typically do not close school on those days when temperatures are very low, yet the roads are passable. Instead, we attempt to limit or eliminate the exposure of students to the extreme temperatures. Some comments, suggestions or procedures that may be appropriate, since we are presently experiencing low temperatures:

      1. Since our buses are housed in the bus garage, starting them on mornings of low temperatures is not a problem, usually. Other schools in our area have delayed opening due to bus problems.
      2. Even though the buses are heated, please be sure your children are dressed properly for the conditions. It is possible that a bus could break down and have to wait for another to provide assistance. All children should have coat, hat, boots, mittens, etc. Since building evacuation for fire or bomb threats may be necessary, we also discourage students from wearing shorts/sandals to school in the winter months.
      3. We encourage parents to keep children under shelter until the bus is in sight.
      4. Unlike urban areas, we have few "walkers." Regardless, the bus drivers are instructed to stop and pick up any walkers on extremely cold mornings.
      5. Finally, we restrict outside activities (e.g. field trips, recess, etc.) on any extremely cold days.

    With these measures, we are able to continue daily instruction while ensuring the safety of the students. Of course, parents may at any time keep their children at home if there is any concern for their safety due to impassable roads or extreme temperatures.

Last Modified on March 14, 2017