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    Hamilton Elementary school provides students with a wealth of opportunities that prepare students for college, careers and 21st century learning.  All of the instruction is done in a “Workshop Model.”  This is a student-centered, constructivist approach to learning.  The focus of the learning is about the processes of learning and students are gradually held responsible for the learning process itself.  Our systems and programs for instruction include Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop,Everyday Math, and Foss Science.  

                                            An HCS Collaboration  

    It is our goal to establish independent thinkers, metacognitive learners and seekers of knowledge.  We strive to create an environment that allows for collaborative learning and academic discourse.  Authentic, student driven learning increases the engagement level and provides opportunities for students to be creative, resilient and develop self-efficacy.  In addition, it is our responsibility to grow self-reflective and appropriate decision makers, in order to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.   

    Hamilton Elementary has a strong relationship with Colgate University and we partner with their students and faculty to form clubs and activities for our students.  These include our Foreign Language Program, Math Club, Science Club (HOG), Computer Science Club, Reader’s Club (Liberty Kids), and Writer’s Club.  Additional HCS enrichment clubs and activities include Prize Speaking, a homework club, Destination Imagination, and an opportunity for students to perform in the annual Elementary Spring Musical.

    Kevin Ellis
    Hamilton Elementary Principal
    Phone: (315) 824-6330
Last Modified on October 25, 2017