• How Does A Parent Address A Concern With The Coach?

    The following is a list of guidelines to follow when a parent has a concern to address with the coach:  

    Please note that questions and/or concerns regarding playing time and/or coaching strategies should not be a topic of discussion.  Coaches are hired based on their qualifications and knowledge of the sport and will continue to do what is best for the team as a whole.

    1. Always communicate with your son and/or daughter first and maybe they can clarify your concern. 

    2. Then, contact the coach via email or via telephone at the phone number they provide at the beginning of the year to set up an appointment to meet.   

    PLEASE NOTE:  Coaches should not be called on their home telephone numbers, nor should they be interrupted during the instructional day.  If you are unable to speak with the coach, please leave a message at the school and the coach will be sure to return your phone call. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Before or after practices and contests is NOT the appropriate time to address a concern, unless you and the coach have scheduled an appointment to meet during these aforementioned times.  Emotions are at the highest level during these times and an objective conversation is very difficult to accomplish. 

    3.  If you are still not satisfied with the parent/coach meeting, please contact the Athletic Director to schedule a meeting that will include the parent, student-athlete, coach, and Athletic Director.  The High School Principal may also be asked to attend this meeting. 

    The Athletic Director and Principal will not address any concerns until the concern is first brought to the coach’s attention by the parent(s).

Last Modified on February 17, 2017