• Who Are the Hamilton Central School Masquers?

    HCS Masquers acts as an "umbrella organization" for the other theatrical performance groups in the school: Elementary Drama Club, Forensics, the High School Drama Class, the Pied Pipers (storytelling), and Odyssey of the Mind. Adults responsible for these various activities meet throughout the year to coordinate schedules, share resources, and develop common educational approaches to the performing arts. HCS Masquers is run by a group of students called "The Board of Directors" who meet regularly to plan club activities and do the work necessary to keep the organization running smoothly.

    The Masquers produce two plays a year at the high school level: a full-length drama and a musical. Extra-curricular funding is provided to pay for the technical and artistic staff who work to produce these shows. Many HCS employees and community members also volunteer time to provide HCS students with these theatrical experiences. The elementary drama club and the elementary chorus each produce a show during the year. High school students are invited to assist with these shows in several ways.
    The organization also runs two theatrical honor society troupes (middle and high school levels) with the International Thespian Society. Honor society members keep a personal record of their theatrical activities and earn recognition for their work. Each year, an induction ceremony is held for new members. At this ceremony, members also receive awards for their recent accomplishments. Elementary students are also recognized for outstanding contributions to the performing arts at the fifth grade graduation ceremony.
    Other activities run by Masquers include a costume shop to provide outfits for our performers as well as school and community members who need costumes for specific occasions. The music department combines with Masquers to produce the annual performing arts awards ceremony "The Hammy Awards," held in June. HCS Masquers sponsor educational theatre workshops for 6-12 grade members and also for the elementary drama club. Training opportunities for students interested in learning to run the technical equipment in the theatre are provided. And, the organization participates in a variety of fund-raising activities to finance the productions as well as other club events.
    HCS Masquers participates in activities sponsored by the New York State Theatre Education Association (NYSTEA). These include: a monologue writing contest (held statewide for 6-12 grade students), and an annual weekend student conference (for grades 9-12).
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     The Hammy's
    During the month of June, the Hamilton Central School Performing Arts program hosts "The Hammy's," a spoof of the Grammy's. The dress code for the evening is creative black-tie; therefore students must get out their old prom dresses and rummage through the Masquers Costume Closet. Students in chorus, band, Greensleeves, and Masquers make their grand entrances in limos and then proceed to walk down the red carpet.
    The purpose of the Hammy's is to honor students who have done excellent work in the performing arts. Seniors also have a chance to say goodbye by giving a final performance in their own senior spotlight.
    Some of the awards presented are:
    • Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role
    • Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role
    • Outstanding Comedic Performer
    • Outstanding Growth as a Performer
    • Outstanding Performance in a Choral Role
    • Outstanding New Performer
    • Suprise of the Year
    • Outstanding Ensemble Performance
    • Outstanding Musical Performance
    • Tech Awards
    • Middle School Music Awards
    • High School Music Awards
    • Choral Awards

Last Modified on August 7, 2023