• Hamilton Central School Drop-Off Procedure


    The safety and security of the students of the Hamilton Central School District is one of our greatest responsibilities. Our Transportation Office takes great care to insure that students, especially our youngest ones, are dropped off at the end of the day safely and into the care of their loved ones and or care providers. In order to insure this, the following procedures have been developed:


    Grades Pre-K, K, 1, and 2:

     When returning students to their drop off destinations, the students MUST be delivered to a responsible person such as a Parent , Sibling ( 6th grade or older), Sitter etc. The Driver must see the person before discharging the student.


    Grades 3, 4, 5: 

    The bus driver must see signs of a responsible person at the destination; such as an open garage door, car in drive etc.  

     5thgraders can be dropped off with a note from their Parent or Guardian stating its ok to do so even if no one is home.


    If no one is available, or there is no evidence of someone home, when the student is returned to their stop, the student will NOT be allowed off the bus and the following procedures shall be followed:

    1. The driver will radio the school and they will try to reach the responsible person.  If not readily available, the bus will proceed on its route.   
    2. The school will then call the parent/guardian, (If that was not the designated person) of student to inform them that the student will be brought back to the designated drop-off at end of route or brought back to the School to the Principal’s office for pick up there by the parent/guardian.
    3. School Policy will take over from there.
    4. As a last resort, if a parent or emergency contact cannot be reached, the local law enforcement office will be called, who may then notify Child Protective Services.