Dear Parents:
    Developing classes for each new school year is a challenging task. Appropriate class placement is extremely important to us, as we know it is to you. In consultation with members of the support services team (reading teachers, a math specialist, special education teachers, a speech teacher and a school psychologist) and school administration, the classroom teachers give careful consideration to many factors as they strive to create the balanced classes that will allow your children to maximize their learning experiences.
    We believe that parent input can be helpful in choosing the right setting for your child. Although we cannot honor parent requests for a specific teacher, you may participate in the process of class placement by providing us with information pertaining to:
    • Specific learning styles or learning needs
    • Strengths or weaknesses
    • Health concerns
    • Personal interests
    Parents are asked to fill out a form detailing the above. The information is collected and then forwarded to the child’s current classroom teacher for use in constructing next year’s classes. Together we review all of the accumulated data as we create well-balanced classes. Asking a teacher or me to place a child in a particular teacher’s class puts us in an awkward situation by expecting us to make an exception to the rule. Thank you for honoring this policy.
    Parents are notified of their child’s teacher for the next school year during the first week of August.
    Kevin P. Ellis
    Elementary Principal
Last Modified on October 29, 2019