• College Level Course Opportunities

    At Hamilton Central School, we are committed to meeting the needs of all of our students; this includes our high ability learners who are ready for college level work while in high school.  We currently have relationships with two very different but well regarded institutions of higher learning – Colgate University and Morrisville State College. 
    Below are the options our students can explore.

    Colgate University

    Community Students Program (CSP) at Colgate University
    Our community partners at Colgate allow eligible* juniors and seniors take college courses at the highly regarded Colgate University.  Typically, our students take entry or 100 level courses. The tuition for one course is $300.00. Students may take courses during both the fall and spring semesters or for just one semester.  Below are the courses that many of our students may be able to take*.

    Colgate 100 Level Courses 

    (Click to view the extensive list of offerings)

    *Course placement is based on academic criteria and the individual student’s regular high school schedule.

    Morrisville State College

    Dual Enrollment Credit at Morrisville State College

    Because of the rigor, relevance and sound teaching in our outstanding Agriculture Program at HCS, students may receive a Morrisville State College transcript and up to 12 SUNY credit hours upon successful completion of the following courses:  

    Environmental Science
    Pre-Veterinary Science
    Horticulture in conjunction with Advanced Agriculture
    Mechanics in conjunction with Advanced Agriculture
    For more information, please contact the HS school counselor's office at (315) 824-6327. 
Last Modified on March 14, 2017